Sad and ugly state of affairs

Un prophète.

The man has been spot on with every prediction he made on Uhuruto.

Wait til the salaries and pensions crisis starts. It’s the one huge reason why Rotich and Thuggy will be allowed to slither back into Treasury. To keep the façade of a functional National coffer.

My fren, graft is institutionalized. Policy. If you expect any court case to he concluded you are a fool. As we speak they are probably together laughing at how feeble wanjiku is.

[SIZE=5]uhuru and ruto are both corrupt [/SIZE]…any person with more than two brain cells can see it and everybody else is a low i.Q ignoramus idiot…
Unatetea a politician coz ni mkikuyu or mkalenjin even though anakuiba … i now understand why arabs see 'black africans’ and think ‘slaves’ !

We dem Arabs

I’ll actually go out on a limb and ask which are these companies are and who did they give their testimonies to?

Mkale niaje

Wizi ya Ruto Ni ile anapata contract ya Ku supply gava but he never supplies but gets paid thrice the money

Uhunye Naye anachukulia familia yao contract na angalau ana supply .

Nani Ni mbaya saidi hapo juu

Mzima sana

Mkale ghassia niaje

Swafi, but money has been poured to finish Thugge mazee

Boiyoo tulieni mpigwe shaft polepole

Unamtetea sana , wizi Haiwezi fanyika kama mkikuyu hayuko kwa mix

Ni vile amekua sacrificial lamb

Ghasia, hungry malnourished Al Shaitan.

No honor among thieves. This Professor from Oxford is always on the money.

At Bob’s memorial service, I realized that Uhuru has the will to end corruption. Collymore was like the de facto leader of the corporate sector and he saw some hope in Uhuru. You will hardly hear Ruto being praised because of integrity or associating with clean people.

Power? Maybe. Will? Absolutely not.

The biggest beneficiary of corruption in the country has the will to fight corruption?

Are you a comedian?

Uhuru is clean kama theluji