Cold season

Woke up this morning feeling awesome and ready to take the day by the horns as i stood up i noticed i had a boner(erection) without no reason
And i wasnt hony or had a sexy dream just like that my commander in chief was up
So i dushed to my bathroom got my lotion out and got down to biznes bt even after a serious cumming over mia khalifaz best work he was still up wtf was going on with this nigger help out

[B]Boss …
One of these will sort you out nicely …



pass…izo tyre apana

mimi sioni tyre

get laid…dryspell inafunga macho

People my age 30> rarely experience dry spells, we have the ability, and a lot of variety to choose from.

Word. There’s something about being in your 30s…I have even gotten to a point of blacklisting pu$$y coz I just can’t keep up. I used to say my heart belongs to only one woman but I’ve got enough nut for the rest of the random lays but now…

Same here …
I only see a Fantastic Booty …


You have money
A wife
more than 20 exes
more than 1 babymomma
Interns working under you
hundreds of people you interact with weekly in the course of your work
10s of different kungurus that you meet every month ukikula nyama
slay queens

We end up running away from some

More more

Hapo …!!!





SWALI yangu huwa ukiwank kwa bathroom unatumia material gani . laptop , simu ama magazine ? na zote si water prof ? ama una picture Corazon Kwamboka kwa akili ?

mwambie kama mimi nimechoka nao natafuta Tranny


Seriously …???
A Tranny …???


Mia khalifa google her and i use phone place it on a coner and let mia do the talking

I usually use lotion kibao, but Siku moja nilikuwa alone kwa sitting room, my wife allegedly was at her sisters place, I watched some weird porn video then after beating my dick hard, nilimwaga kwa sahani ya pussy ya kula, asubuhi sikupata kitu hapo, to this day I am always ashamed for what I did

Eeeeh hard msee noma


Fuego!!! So you got your p***y to eat yo cum#smh. Now you see her as bae too…I hope it is female