Coffee returns

I have just finished harvesting one of my coffee farms and from the volume and quality of parchment on records( > 82% grade AB), natarajia zaidi ya 60M in profits this year, last years was 41M.

Here is one of the coffee plant during harvesting in early Dec.

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mnyambo wa @Punda

you should know people.



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Awekelee evidence.
huyu @Billy_Drago ni mtu anapenda ku weka evidence.
aweke balance account iko na 100m kes @Gaines ajue watu wa $1m wako area

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I have been planting mine for the last one two weeks. In about 4 years. I might have a few kilos to brag about

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Which variety?

How many acres mkuu

Slightly over 100 acres.

I suspect my new farm manager for this particular farm is a talker here so I’ll not disclose much info on this particular farm but i am ready to share any info on production from land preparations to pulping.