Coffee export business

Hi talkers, I’ve got a client from the far east interested in raw coffee beans in bulk from kenya. Could someone guide me on the due process to follow to export the product?

Do you have the produce ama you have already earmarked one factory to surprise farmers in the morning by finding the doors open. This is a business of very few people. Daily nation sometimes back had tried to demystify the cartels behind this business



I understand that the biz is cartel dominated, getting the beans is not a challenge as from what I’ve gathered soon far, the biggest challenge iko kwa shipping as most companies specialize on importing and also the documents required to do so.

Contact Jimmy Kibaki and Chris Kirubi.

What quantity are we talking about? I might know someone who can facilitate export.

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About a tonne weekly…

If you need muscle men don’t hesitate to contact me.

So hii labda iende by air. I’m not sure kama ni economical juu naonanga zikienda sana sana by sea in 20ft containers. But don’t worry nirushie contact yako inbox I will inquire tomorrow and get back.

if you have to ask about shipping then stay away. stop promising your client what you can’t deliver. ii si biashara ya kubahatisha

Oyaa bro nilikuwa nataka nitumiwe simu from the US, can you recommend a good company that can do that? @Big Poppa pole kwa Ku.derail kidogo

leta contacts inbox i know a guy who is in the business and exports to the middle east.

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