coding school

instead of going to campus for another 4 years wouldn’t it be wise for me to join a coding academy rather than doing a course like IT

enda university upate degree. You will need it when you want to remain in employment and need to rise up the corporate ranks.

I’ll reconsider

Those are @Fucked up thoughts


Very true. You may not use what you learn there, but that degree is very important to climb up the corporate ranks or even compete in Kenya’s political scene

usidanganywe ati degree ni useless kuna hadi mbirrionaire aliisaka all the way in india

where are the coding academies?

Moringa school

Go to college use your time to get any degree while you learn software development online. Then go do an MBA.

Don’t waste your time with useless degrees if you think you love coding teach yourself , don’t start programming because you hear there is money in it, it will chew you up and spit you out , you will come out of it hating all things tech mpaka ujaribu kulima nyanya ocha na simu !

this is a good place to start although there are countless resources out there

Wacha nikuchapie ukweli go to university do a different course from IT lets say accounting, among others part time go to coding school graduate with double skills emerge top of the market and diff from the rest this is what I advise you.

Don’t pass the opportunity to go to University. The Degree is not the only thing you get from University.

You should go. A course like IT or CS will give you the foundation you need then you can specialize later. You cant know C without knowing A.

The Degree in IT will open teach you concepts and their applications. It will open your mind to the world of IT.

There are countless exceptionally good coding gurus and all are broke coz they can only write good code. Zuckerberg saw Facebooks potential when the owners where running a campus dating site with it. Coz He had both the skills and open mind to see what that could become.

Tell us your other handle Elder. Meanwhile chambua threads on this category na uwache kusumbua.

BRCK as other hardcore programming firms lately, do not tambua degrees. They just ask you to come as you are, fire up a machine and show them what you got.My kind of employers and no ties to work, I despise ties.

Degree tunazo but this is IT where a diploma guy may earn double your salary when you interview and get employed together.

Amen to this. Computer science teaches you about computing in general which is wide. Those maths and theory classes will be the difference in how you solve problems versus how others solve them. so if you have a chance to get that degree then go for it, even Bill Gates and Zuck advise people to always go for them if you have the chance. Plus you can teach yourself other things while taking that degree

If you have a chance to attend university, then do it, it can expand the way you perceive problems and solutions. With a good laptop you can take an online coding course from anywhere – two birds with one stone. There are numerous resources on the w.w.w

Check out Moringa School. Check all the information on their website including the curriculum covered and costs. All the best.

And the lazy developer’s google :
Bora usikue "Full Stackoverflow " Developer :smiley: