Co-op Bank Employee in the village

I need help, I have an account number I want to know the owner and the balance. Anonymously, can I get some help please.

Try calling customer care

would be just waste of effort…after demanding a lengthy explanation from you they will then dismiss you with a oneliner that client infor is confidential…

Thanks, I don’t think they will help me.

That is confidential info(account balance) that should never be disclosed to a third party. However, if you get a rogue employee you might get the info

That is what I am looking for bro. Can you help?

Wa! kweli wewe ni Gus!! Yani unataka kujua account balance so that you kill someone and get to inherit the proceeds if the amount is significant. Or blackmail the bank manager with something evil or the employee who assists you get the account balance?

Lets not discuss my person, just help me if you can.

Kama kuna wa equity atapata lunch.

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Cool. There is an agent I know, Nigerian to be precise… works under the name “Tuco”. I can ask him to quote you a price. You can drop off the package at the venue and you’ll get your info from a kid on roller blades as you cross the street. Just come alone…if you bring someone along deal is off and you’ll be on the “list”. Time and venue will be communicated once you accept the offer.

How will we know that you are not a Coop bank official who wants to get someone to sack


If you can help I can inbox you the nature of my problem.

Iyo itakua ngumu omwami unless kuna msee mlisoma naye

Enda the nearest Co-op branch, katia one of those ladies who works there, ask her nicely to check it out for you. Problem solved.

How much are you willing to part with, anything is possible at the right price.

ninajua mtu bt shida tu nivile watu wana point out wht u might be , pole bro

@Leo Mwangih , the chief Coop propaganda liaisons officer atakusaidia.

Mbloo shoot your problem in my inbox, I will help?
Leave the loosers around here

I am a mod for God’s sake, all I want is to know the balance, can I inbox you the nature of my problem?

wamchunguza bibi nini?