Club Liddos Live.

Is going down.

Ingiza pale instagram. Search for coronaclub254
Click on the profile picture.
Safisha mecho


Do guys really tip these fellows na hizo mpesa numbers even when they are enjoying the show without conditions?

Enyewe ni kubaya

Nimeingia hakuna live

Weka video hapa


Is going down. Is a live video we can post it here. Fika pale


Inaendelea hadi sas hii

Tunatip Kama maumbwa bana. Moneys after moneys. Guy ametoa 7,200 nikapiga nduru. Men have money.


Imepotea. So tuseme facebook are cool with all that nudity?

They run through 5+ accounts per show. But ikifungwa they get another. And show continues. Kitu 10 minutes unaenda pale XtianDela kidogo. Then Liddos wanarudi

Hapana. Ni juu that’s half my salo bana. Mtu anatumia all that in a night like it’s nothing. Ggdgsgagahba. How?

Kuna siku walifanya iyo mchezo wanastrip account inakua banned wanafungua ingine show inaendelea… Hadi Instagram wakachoka nao wakaban the entire IP address

At least you are very real. I also wont pretend like 7Gs is a very small amount to me, bana that’s enough to do my shosh some clean shopping.


Jo bana that’s alot of moneys for virtual pudesh. Alaaaaa. Kunyonga tu monkey 20 bob mb’s pale xvideos and someone pays 7,200 lahaula

that’s nasty, they look like wild animals. Why are they all out of shape and clearly panting. They obviously do not work out and they spend their day treating their bodies like a garbage bin