club edge

why do guys think you can charge anything u want in the CBD?there is this new club called edge just next to ebrahims along moi avenue, just an ordinary club with ordinary service and decor and beer is 250/-wth? Im praying for its fast demise

kamna mapoko wako club itaimarika…its nit the only one charging such prices… its only that uko broke

This space is booked. I’ll be back with a proper comment.:slight_smile:

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Kenya practices capitalism as an economic system and democracy as a government system.
Under these systems, the owner of capital charges whatever they wish.
Surely you studied civics 101, right?

:D:Dkwani ni bloti

my local beer Ni 160/…drink in peace bila stress ya mchele na kumangwa Rasa na @uwesmake

Sema uchumi ni upside down kwako.

kuna places beer is 140 in town, enda pub inaitwa Gloria and stop whining about places you can’t afford.

Everytime I see a new pub in town I smell money laundering…this places boom for one year then zinasahaulika!

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This is a free market economy.

Gloria pale mfangano?

Or use that energy for something constructive rather than wishing ill on someones business?

Gloria iko wapi in particular?

Opposite Wallet, junction ya Tom Mboya and Ronald Ngala streets.

Mahali ule buda alikuwa amekwama kwa nyap…

Guarana kwa local ni 100 bob. Tuska ni 140.