Club Covid na Sherlyne Anayngo.. birrionaires only invited


Postwall creatures… siwes.

Beta males everywhere

:D:D:Dujinga iko hapa nje si mchezo

nimekula shiro na shirleen,hapo.

Tissue ni za nini kwa poster bana?

Simps going to be infected with both Corona and STIs. It is a death trap to weed off weak genes from the competitive world

Wewe you are now exposing your ignorance


There was a similar advert, sex party, late last year that turned out to be a scam. M pesa number was disconnected after a few days.
Am sure no one went to complain to safaricom or police they had been robbed.

lmao…ugly ass hoes bana

It has bitten itself …kimeumana …ni kubaya… nilipita mahali maslayqueen wenye kazi yao ilikuwa kuhustle wasee club monday tu sunday wamefungua biz ya mtush… kimeumana

Hahaha, the things we see. Ati 5k for a wankfest? :smiley:

a valid question…may be kupnguza mdomo:cool:

these swines have eaten lots of our money and seems hata corona cant stop them. the government should intervene na hii event isihappen. social distancing will not be observed. Pia Kijana Xtian anakaa kua porn director once it takes off. Iyo poster inakaa ya dvd za ngwati

wewe ni punda sana. This is a virtual online event…punda ghasia wewe


Fortunately for them, they won’t miss some fool and his money somewhere…

I hate that attention whore Christian Dela. How is he the face of all this? And I don’t even know him. His whole demeanor irks me.

Nachukia Alfred mutua na censorship lakini nili cheka yangu yote that day when tbis guy kept insisting his name is x tian. Not Christian. Like you can force grown men to call you by some made up nick name…

ati nani…ezekiel mutua