Club 110 Mlolongo

Being a weekend i decided to hop step and jump to mlolongo. The club is abit decent with cheap beer. With pole dancing strippers being the main target i have decided to sip a few beers as i wait to watch dry kamba pudesh live. But the club is disgusting the music and the announcer are just sh*t. Too much unbalanced rough sound system. Anyway lazima niguze pudesh i have a few low denomination notes to tip. Such a stupid strip club to be.

Wee mzee hio club hainanga poles za ku dance.Nikama ume potea.

Ziko kwa club ya ground floor… juu ndio hakuna its only a drinking and smoking zone plus rooms


Ukiingia kwa club down floor top right kuna strip zone with a pole… am there right now nasafisha mecho na a short petite stripper


Asante mkuu

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Imenikumbusha club flani nilingia area za kona ya musa huko ukunda jana.It was supposed to be reggea nite.Dj ana play roots reggea kidogo kidogo ashaenda dance hall kidogo kidogo asharudi roots.Madem walikua wameiva kiasi though.I noticed the waitresses wa carrying mzinga za johny walker with some milkish stuff inside.Realized walikua wanauza pia mnazi humo ndani


hehe kuna elder alipost kuhusu hiyo club nikaamua kuisample. weh! strippers walikua kwa pole walikua wamechapa kama shit. Sikukaa huko more than 20 minutes.


Wakamba na Wakale wako na low standards when it comes to entertainment joints

We mzee unafanya nini hizo area na naskia kumenyesha ata watu wa kona ya musa hawaezi toka kwa nyumba?

Cuzo anapoa hapo Darad imebidi alale lojo juu gari iko low sana haipiti kwa baro za mtaa zile zimeflood.

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@uwesmake na @MIGUNA walituambia @Agwambo story zake zile mob ukuwanga exaggerated sana banae :rofl:


Unaamini tumbili @uwesmake na sokwe @MIGUNA kwasababu ni manyanya zangu ama?Those two are a bunch of losers ever full of jealousy. @uwesmake is jealous because his job as a watchman at Kenya Women Finance Trust only pays him enough to fuck the kayole nyama vila hoes once a month.He only comes online when he goes to work and connects to the office wifi.While connected,his time online is limited so he spents it creating attention to himself by trashing and insulting eveybody left right and centre. @MIGUNA on the other hand is jealous because for the last 13years he is stuck in the American rat race of cleaning old people’s asses.The only time he gets online is during his lunch break to get a burger during which he trolls and insults everyone for attention.He is also a low key faggot because he has downloaded and stored Enigmas big deek inside bimma x5 msport.During his tea break he goes to the changing room and locks himself in there and opens the photo and inserts one ear end of the stethoscope into his anus to tickle his prostate until he nuts.Since he saw the photo he wanks with it twice a day.He also needs to be put on a serial killer watch list before he turns into another chimirmir and starts strangling old women who’s asses he wipes on a daily at the comfort of their homes.He will start killing them to steal their jewelry ndio auze aomoke arudi kenya.The clown is heading to 60years with nothing to show for the many years he has been forced to withstand the smell of poop from old people banae.Waelewe tu maze.

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Was at this joint afew years ago, only the waitresses were hot


@Agwambo ni MTU ako na mental illness Fulani, akishauza takataka za plastic dandora dumpsite anavuta bangi dandora delusions na deliriums zina kick in anaanza ku spin story vile ako na Benz Ukunda akitomba Italian supermodels . 99.9999% ya story zake ni illusions na hallucinations.

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@Agwambo naona hapa @uwesmake makende … hako slightly ahead by a point or so on this first round of chokosh wars. Itabidi urudi na comeback mzito round two. Uwesmakende kaa chonjo ku counter enigma’s use of brutal force.

Wadau hii ni preliminary bout preceding the main event fight … which will be held on site at our usual main location pale langata cementry nyuma ya kaburi ya the legendary late. Wanderi (RIP) wa Klost next Sat.
Main event: Chokosh rumble
Location: Langata cementry
Type: Free style fighting
Time: Btwn Midnight - Cockcrow
Title: Knock out rounds
@Agwambo The Enigma aka Tinga
@uwesmake The Dryfry Artist extraordinaire aka Navy seal
Referee: @Lord_Wanaruona retired boxing bronze medalist Beijing Olympics 08’.
Judges: Elders
Upcoming events; @PHARMACY Vs the winner
Prize: Kijiji bragging right plus one o’ @rexxsimba land whales
Disclaimer: Bring your own booze or whatever poison you prefer.
Post fight bash: Pub crawl na uko downtown brothels.
Important to note: what happens in downtown stays in downtown.

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Activities suitable only for lame brained Juveniles in here …

Surely …
You don’t expect civilized Elders to participate …
Do You …??? :blush:

UmbwaaaH katombe wale wanyama wa pori land whales bila kusumbua.


Umbwaaa tulia.

Omwami umesema nafuruta bangi?Aworo.

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