Clothing the dead

Talkers…exactly how do these morticians clothe a dead person? That expensive suit bought by the family or those skirt suits bought by Jitegemea women…do they reach the dead?

I also wonder how they manage clothe them with the onset of rigour mortis in the dead body

msitake kujua. kama wafu wangeweza kulia they would wake the dead…:smiley:

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cut it from the back then use ducktape to hold the parts pamoja from the back

I thought once the body has been embalmed it becomes pliable…pervert’s like @uwesmake can even cream pie the anus

I have learnt that today ikabidi I get opinions from talkers. Eti when you are adamant that you want to view them clothe,they leave you the body and tell you to clothe it. There is no need for new clothes aki

rigour mortis does not last long

aah never knew that

There was a feature over the weekend on a mortician and how he does his job. I believe he covered all that.

Crazy mind u got

Saw a documentary of a funeral home owner in USA who used to harvest the leg bones of cadavers and replace them with pvc pipes. He would also put some weights in the coffin to make it heavy. He got super rich (more than 10m $) but was discovered.

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Harvest leg bones for what!!!

bone marrow soup, perhaps…

Sasa mifupa ya miguu anapeleka wapi jameni? :frowning: I’ve often heard stories of morticians who remove the metallic parts used for internal fixation of fractures.:frowning:

I think I also saw it I think it was in Crime & Investigation channel. He grew fcukin rich selling to the mafia and otherbody organ smugglers

yeah. it was in crime & investigation.