Close shave manzeh:Bus Plunges into Indian Ocean at Likoni Ferry


A bus plunged into the Indian ocean while transporting tourists at the Coastal Town of Mombasa on the morning of Sunday, January 10.
A video seen by [I][/I] showed the bus floating in the Ocean with witnesses noting that it belonged to Pollman’s Tours.
It is said that the breaks failed as the driver was trying to access the ferry at around 9 a.m.
All the tourists had alighted from the bus to allow it to access the ferry at the Likoni Crossing Chanel. The driver escaped unhurt.
A conductor who was reported to have been on board the bus was rescued by a speed boat while Kenya Coast Guard managed to retrieve the bus moments later.

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Hio likoni ferry kwani imerogwa?? Niko sure wakitafuta equipments waende huko chini watapata gari mingi sana.

Findio ndo hii. On a totally unrelated note, I wonder why Bonobos always whistle when shit is going down.





:D:D coz a smoke signal would take some time

Juu ni ya wazungu,prompt action ilikua chonjo,but bonobos mujipange hadi sataafrika wapigiwe wakuje kusave.

Good lord! Why don’t they just build a goddamn bridge there once and for all waachane na hizi giant slippers. People have been dying there since the 70s banae. Bonobos are the last individuals to adhere to the adage that doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Watu wajifunze kuswim [SIZE=1]lakini maji ikizidi karai kwangu hio ni hatia sigwes karibia.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]ikipita sole ya kiatu[/SIZE]

Typical animal behaviour. Cows, dogs and monkeys react in the same way when shocked