clinical officer fingers a patient

clinical health officer told a
Nairobi court yesterday that he
was examining a patient and did
not sexually assault her as the
victim claimed.
32 year old, Cliff Okebiro, was
responding to sexual assault
charges he is accused of
committing on November 20
inside an examination room at his
The prosecution team led by
Angela Fuchaka said that the
accused f!ng*red the Form One
Student in Dandora saying that he
was examining her. The girl said
that she had Malaria and was
shocked when the doctor asked
her to climb on the examination
table and open her legs wide.
She doubted his procedure but
proceeded to do so because
doctors know better. But when he
started inserting his fingers into
her private parts while wearing
gloves, she knew this was far
from an examination and raised
an alarm.
Okebiro pleaded not guilty
insisting that he is a professional
health worker and was just doing
his work.
Prosecutor Fuchaka asked the
court for time to rectify the
charge sheet and the case was
postponed to December 15.