Climbing Mt Kenya and/or Kilimanjaro

In 2014 before Klost died, I was in contact with a lister who was planning to climb mt Kilimanjaro or Mt Kenya (can’t remember which). And Wanderi quickly jumped into the conversation and give a particular number of a contact who would assist with all the information and climbing preparations.

I now want to resume that plan but I have no idea where to start, can any of you assist with any information whatsoever? Have any of you done any or both of these mountains?




Just google Kenya school of adventure and Learning (Kesal) those guys have packages and experienced guides, they also have everything you need plus a base camp at the foot of the mount.


Can i take yi over… nikakupande;)

too expensive…

0720 577 211 Job for arrangements from naromoru route…


That is exactly what I thought after going through their website…and it seems you will be coupled up with other guys into a bigger group and will have to fit in other peoples programmes

True, they preffer group expiditions and you climb the mountain from Marania, Timau on the Meru side of the mountain.

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thanks for the info btw have you done it?


Yes Early last year, but at my employers expense, I never bothered checking the cost since I wasn’t the one footing the bill, I noted when we reached a place called Solo camp some of my colleagues started nose bleeding due to the high altitude and thin air, we all felt a bit dizzy until we acclimatized. All the best pal its a good experience.


@msalame grace

This sounds like more of @Nefertities forte…




@Truph you’r de new bomb…i like you already…

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Some lady had invited me to climb mount Kilimanjaro…her plan was first to climb a small mountain in preparation for kilimanjaro about a week before. Apparently it takes 6 days to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to the peak. I think she went, I can ask her…though not sure if she’s still around.

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please do…I will appreciate it so much. Na mbona hukuenda?

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I had just climbed mt Longonot nikaskia nimeshoka so felt like I might not manage Kilimanjaro at the time.

longonot? hii moja hii ya kutupa mawe??? hehe you must be joking na vile ata nilikuwa nafikiria kupeleka bike guko niteremke nayo

Enda upande hio mlima na uzunguke circumference yake hapo juu. Btw si Mchezo kuzunguka hio circumfrence but kupanda si shida sana. Kuna a path that goes round the brim of the crater. Iyo ndo utatumia kuzunguka.

been there done that…a couple of times actually