Clean,Mature Room mate wanted in BuruBuru, Great House, Own Compound

Hey, I feel like I need someone to use my house with me. It is located in leafy suburbs, 24 hour security, clean compound and quiet neighborhood. I prefer mature people as I hate drama. I am willing to sublet it temporary or long term. For foreigners/Locals on short or long visits in Nairobi are clearly welcome. I live in a 3 bedroom mansion in BuruBuru and want to share the cost of rent. i have all the house furniture so all you need is your monthly rent plus deposit FOR NEXT MONTH. I live alone and that’s why I need a roommate. My gf lives nearby. I am clean, hardworking {I play hard too, lol},I am outgoing, fun and mature. If it matters, I am a young male urban professional absolutely stunning, out most of the time, and healthy. I am open to suggestions, whether temporary or permanent or for the men who love to be discreet with their gf,i can HOST. Gender I prefer female.

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Kindly click on your username, then click personal details. On gender tick on male then save the changes.

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pigia sonko rescue team wakusaidie


Hapa naona katego .

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@maloanloan your handle betrays you.


Do you have a car?..if we could also share that one, that would be owesome

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Buru kama ni leafy kayole ni rooty suburb


why did you decide to call buruburu a leafy suburb?

Sema ukweli tu.
Hii si mambo na nyumba boss ama cost sharing.;)o_O

nashuku someone’s backside might be in extreme danger…hiyo talk ya preferring a female is a decoy!

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:D:D:D:D:D, watu wa estlands huthani buruburu ni leafy suburbs, hata hawaelewi tofauti ya mansion na mansionette

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Corrections accepted. Thanks.
I have had a good long laugh! WaH! :-d :-d :-d
I mean House mate.
Don’t be evil. This is a genuine offer.
I’m loyal to my gf, and I’m straight. Always.


Ati clean. …Naona unaosha mkundu na jik!



Yaani, watu wengine, hamuwezi dhania/takia mtu mazuri. Rotten minds

:Dror not comment


e weed uncle, hio naona imeiva kabisa

Kwanza hapo lazima ni buru phase 1= dandora.