Classic man

The brother got swag of a thousand niggas

define swag

U supposed to say no homo…but that would be a lie


S.W.A.G. = Secretly We Are Gay


You fags are homo habilis shit, watch the clip.

so akina @Web Dev ndio wa rainbow colors?

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Loved his performance at BET Awards. Ninja got very nice brown shoes

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true he was epic

Did this year’s BET awards have the Cyphers (the freestyle raps)? Because thats the only thing i’d be interested in watching…

i didn’t know Cyphers :D:D:D:D:D:D

I think BET hiphop awards ndio iko na cyphers love them too!

hiyo ni ya BET hiphop awards

loved the bad boy 20 year reunion

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Oxfords, not brogues.

The ‘look’ iko but to be honest, the song isn’t very good.

Am a honorary gay man, thanks for the award.

Hii yangu ni oxford ama brogues?

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Yako ni derby. Brogue ni ile imejaza hadi the top with the pattern at the tip of yours.

Naweza pata wapi hii Nairobi brown brogue?

Maze hunyamwambia vipoa.:smiley: