Classic fm: todays discussion

I found todays discussion very interesting, especially the comment from a guy who said that wanawake ndio walianza mambo ya kuhanya, kuanzia na eve kuhanya na nyoka :D. From now on i will be listening to maina and king’ang’i, fellow Talkers did you enjoy this mornings conversation on classic.?

Stage managed na ni UPUS!
Actually when will maina ever grow up? He acts and partys like a dude in his twenties yet he is approaching 41

peleka beef yako na maina mbali, you’ve got to have haters to be successful and i guess you’re one of his haters, shida ni the guy is ballin na kazi yako ni kupost chuki hapa.

Stage managed na ni uchinga, and the woman that she is, is always siding with whores.

si upost ufala wako facebook kwa wall ya maina

radio jambo mambo yote

What you expose yourself to impacts you…just see how dumbed down the population is to listen to Maina’s show everyday and act surprised every time Big poppa and wakanai call, na wao wamejaribu kupiga severally bila kuingia…what I hate the most is how today he’ll say “Yesterday someone said something that got me thinking very hard” kwani every day you’re thinking very hard?


Used to love their show back in '06. Nowadays it’s crap!!!

Radio mimi husikiza HBr na kustream HoT97