CJ maraga's school of jurisprudence.

His famous quote ends with the fear of God, it also recognizes fidelity to the constitution and the rule of law.

This school of jurisprudence is known as naturalism, which recognizes the necessity of the law to be bound by eternal principles such as morality, religion, individual conscience, historical practice and human reason.

The other judges can be said to conform to legal positivism, legal realism and formalism.


we don’t give a ferk! what we know is that he’s lazy AF. Now keti hukooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, brary noogle.


You are wrong.

This school of jurisprudence is known as NASAlism, which recognizes the necessity of the SCOK to be bound by EXTERNAL PRINCIPALS such as MUDAVADI, NGO, individual INCOMPETENCE, STORIES NOT EVIDENCE and CAANANIAN TREASON!

The other judges can be said to conform to legal TIBIIIIIIMism, legal TIALAAAAALALism and NASAlism.

(I am not usually this petty but this was just too good an opportunity to pass. I liked the post though, informative)


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Tafadhali someni hii.I share the same sentiments with “ShockNawe”.Petition scorecard was 4-2 ,ata election Uhuruto wakiendelea chest thumping ata after 17th Oct watajua hawakuwa wanajua. kumbukirwo kiihuu biu biuuu
[ul][li]ShockNAwe28 minutes ago[/li]Jubilee should stop looking at the The Maraga Verdict it is a simple verdict with no fuss just extreme fidelity to process. The coup was not at the Supreme Court but the electoral reforms of 2016. That is where Orengo planted the Bomb that blew Jubilee and its extremely incompetent MP’s involved in those talks ( Kiraitu, Murkomen, Duale, Kindiki, ) into smithereens.

The Second Bomb though not major was planted by no else but Uhuru Kenyatta when his side of Kenya’s political divide pushed for the appointment of one Justice Mwilu to become a Supreme Court Judge, this was done despite the vehement protests and reservations of the few focused Jubilee members of parliament in the last bunge one Hon. Wahome who refused to join her colleagues in passing Judge Mwilu. Rumor has a prominent Jubilee Member in parliament with long ties to Judge Mwilu had something to do with her being picked bypassing more senior and more qualified female Judges. Mwiba wa kujidunga hauambiwi pole.

The third Bomb are the tenderpreneurs at the IEBC and their links whether in Jubilee or Nasa. They are the thugs that brought in nonstandardized form 34 A and 34 B’s meaning that it was possible to sabotage an election in favour of a petition. Those wakora must see jail time they are the real reason behind Maraga’s simple verdict that many are terming controversial. I just think Maraga is a stickler to detail and knowing this Jubilee needs to rid itself of some people in its circle who are used to doing things casually thinking it doesnt matter. Maraga told them it surely does.[/ul]
[li]Said Sayyid. ShockNAwe26 minutes ago[/li]Sasa mumeacha Maraga Now it is Mwilu. Always looking for someone to blame.
[li]ShockNAwe Said Sayyid.22 minutes ago[/li]Maraga had one vote the one Judge Jubilee had something to do with turns out to be the shallowest on the bench it says everything about her appointment and the due diligence taken by those who pushed for her. Lets not kid ourselves the JSc is a political forum where the powers that be trade horses to get his or their man in power(Supreme Court) What were Jubilee doing chosing such a flawed candidate. Look at Lenaola we know which side in the JSc pushed for his name did he deliver when the time came offcourse he did. [FONT=Georgia]Jubilee and Uhuru have to also look inwards they have been asleep on the job for far too long[/FONT].

[ul][*] https://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2017/09/21/uhurus-lawyers-seek-to-overturn-supreme-court-verdict_c1639411 [/ul]


Interesting read. I remember the Kandara MP objecting but didn’t know why. This tenderpreneurs issue is almost at crisis levels in Kenya.

The Judiciary has drawn first blood. The Executive must respond, in due time, and we will then have true decentralization. I still do not think the majority judgement carried any water.

The Judges will always have political preferences, they are voters. They must, however, be able to execute their duties without undue influence from their political inclinations. That said, I will limit my opinions to the Judgement because everything else on this thread, at least for now, is highly speculative. All WE can say for certain, for now, is that the grounds for annulment were not very solid!

A certain supreme court judge in Africa speaking like a mad man. Mapepo haya