City Racing Lite Android...cheats and hacks

Gamers,who knows how to hack this game to get unlimited coins and diamonds,am at a point where after endless tries i feel like am stuck,my progress is minimal
My current status
I want this badass

Such an easy thing . Tumia lucky patcher.

Elaborate kiasi mkubwa

Open lucky patcher ,Click on the game, click open menu of patches,alafu click on create modified apk file,next click Apk rebuilt for in app and lvl emulation then rebuilt the app . Wait for it to rebuilt if its succesful it will just show itself . After hiyo click on that file Uninstal and install ( for non rooted) intergrate dalvic code to the existing apk ( for rooted) If anything wrong contact bro GOOGLE


Peasant games

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Nimefika hapa,my phone is rooted,what next now

Go to file

Intergrate the dalvic code tgen you are good

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Imesema please wait like 4 ever now[ATTACH=full]74739[/ATTACH]

Rebooted phone and then installed ikakubali but nikama game imeanza afresh,all cars are locked,what is?


You should practise with other games with In app purchases to improve the skill… lakini server sided games kama Clash of clans usijaribu hata.

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The best ni game guardian hii ni kitu one touch all offline games use this… Thank me later… Ni kama Cheat engine ya PC


Download game guardian then ask for further assistance

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Game guardian is better since u can put any amount u want… Not limited like lucky patcher only to amount in the inn app purchase

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Since i have used lucky patcher on the game,can i now use game guardian on the same game?


Game guardian is only used to edit stored data of games e.g. coins gems etc … U can increase and reduce to any amount using this app… Nb Must be rooted

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