City Hall advertises more than 1,000 vacancies

[SIZE=6]City Hall advertises more than 1,000 vacancies[/SIZE]
The City Hall in Nairobi. PHOTO | FILE

Nairobi County government if finally set to employ more than 1, 490 additional workers to boost its ageing workforce.
This is after the Nairobi County Public Service Board advertised for vacancies in 1, 498 positions at the county government.

This will come as a relief to most Kenyans at a time when people have lost or are on the verge of losing their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The vacant positions include

  1. 800 security constables,
  2. 200 firefighters and
  3. 498 Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) care givers.

A similar recruitment was suspended in March due to the ongoing process of transfer of functions to the National Government through Nairobi Metropolitan Service.
“The Nairobi City County Public Service Board wishes to notify the general public of the resumption of the recruitment that were suspended in March, 2020. Suitably qualified candidates are therefore invited to apply,” read in part the advert.
The applicants have been given until June 8, 2020 to submit their applications electronically with manual applications not allowed this time round. However, those who had applied in March need not to re-apply.

Those applying for the county constable positions need to

  1. be aged between 18 and 35 years,
  2. possess a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) certificate,
  3. be physically and medically fit, and
  4. have no criminal record or pending criminal charges.
    Successful applicants will be responsible for maintaining law, order and regulations as directed.

Applicants for county firemen or women will also be required to

  1. be aged between 18 and 35 years,
  2. possess a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) certificate,
  3. be physically and medically fit, and
  4. have no criminal record or pending criminal charges.
  5. possession of a relevant qualification from a reputable fire training school will be an added advantage.
    They will be responsible for performance of specialized functions in preparing and responding to fire and emergency calls, assisting in rescue operations during emergencies as well as operating appliances and communication equipment.

City Hall currently has a stretched workforce in this department with only 120 trained firefighters with 13 due to retire end this year.
This is after a plan to recruit 1, 200 firefighters in 2018 flopped despite reports that they had even begun undergoing training.

Regarding ECDE care givers, they will need

  1. to possess KCSE certificate with a minimum grade of D+ (plus),
  2. a certificate in computer proficiency,
  3. to be registered with the Teachers Service Commission as well as having a certificate in ECDE offered by KNEC/Ministry of Education or its approved equivalent.
    Successful applicants will be responsible for class teaching, organizing and facilitating play and learning activities for the learners and managing ECDE classes, among other responsibilities.

It’s a good thing they’re offering new jobs. In fact, I’m very concerned about the level of unemployment around the world.
The lack of decent work, coupled with rising unemployment and persistent inequality, are the reasons why people are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve higher living standards through their own work.
The COVID-19 crisis plunges the world economy into a recession with historic unemployment and poverty rates.
Small and medium-sized enterprises, agricultural workers, self-employed people, refugees and migrant workers have suffered most from the crisis caused by the Coronavirus epidemic.
But to me, even in all this, there is something positive to be found. I think the world expects a number of changes, among them:
-Office will be a creative space. There will be important meetings and events there. But most employees will work remotely.
Zoom, Slack, Telegram, Hangouts, Teams are already becoming a new offices. Thus, the number of Zoom users in March increased 20 times - up to 200 million people per day.
-The epidemic has broken the global supply chain. Therefore, in the future, production will be moved closer to end consumers.
-More people will get used to online shopping. There will be less cash.
After quarantine, the cost of kitchenware, clothing and home office products will increase.
-The employees will work two or three hours more. And companies will look for new business models.

what about our march to robots, AI, e.t.c.
unless we go slow on that front, we might never recover since the Human workforce need will not be there. the robots will replace many people at a go.
interesting times ahead.