Citizenship for sale.



You and me both.

OP summarise this

It’s about how Comoros, an African country with a “we are Arabs too” complex, go tricked by Arab countries to sending them a container of blank passports that they now issue stateless people within their borders…

I always wonder why comorians feel the need to Identify with Arabs too much. Their Language, Shimasiwa would be lumped into the Sabaki group or Mijikenda were it part of Kenya. Infact, for a Swahili speaker, you can get by talking to locals on the first landing.

Sasa ona passports zao zinapeanwa kama njugu huko nje

Common problem in Muslim majority African populations kujiita waarabu. Sudan, Chad, Ngadzija, Somalia, large swathes of the Sahel… Sad

Great article.
Anybody with money around the world can buy an apartment in Kenya. I think you become a resident when you do that. Sijui if those apartments have to have a certain minimum value.