Ciku Muiruri

With all that happened in this country, she still has the audacity to write that the president should only develop areas where people voted for him

People went to war with the previous governments in order to stop such unequal development of the nation. One reason the shifta’s wanted the NFD to seccede was due to such treatment by the jomo and moi governments.

People were jailed without trial, balls were squeezed and some fed shit fighting such injustices.

Was the president elected to serve only those who voted for him or was it to serve the whole nation?

Does she have any idea what would happen if development were only to go to such areas? With the tribal hate and mistrust going around, if this were to happen wouldn’t this raise negative sentiments?

Does she understand that unequitable and unequal development was one reason PEV arose?

The few misguided fellows who burnt toilets and a clinic shouldn’t mean the rest of our countrymen who didn’t vote ouru in should suffer for it. We are all Kenyans, we all pay taxes according to the brackets our income puts us in, I wouldn’t want to see my taxes going to develop other areas because the are I’m from didn’t vote ouru in.

Disclaimer: This is a what- if scenario, I know devolution is with us

hiyo ya shifta ni bull shit, those guys went ape shit immediately after independence because the brits had shafted them, not Kenyatta. They had been led to believe that when the brits exited they would be joined with Somalia.
Before you decide to criticize any one, first make sure you are safi kama pamba

I said it’s one reason, not the main reason. The shifta war itself ended in 1967 after the somali premier signed a ceasefire, but did the insurgency end there? Yes they were shafted by the British, we all were but what reason can you give that led to the Wagalla massacre and various ‘security’ crackdowns besides secession denied? Why did banditry go on until early 2000’s?

Who’s Ciku Muiruri and does her opinion deserve a post here on Ktalk?


Vile mathice amesema.

Ciku Muiruri should stick to what her fellow airheads do: discussing relationship affairs on radio even though she is not married. Afuate artur huko pahali yuko ampanulie miguu. And to think she has a teenage daughter? SMH.


na hio north eastern inasaidia kenya na nini isipokuwa kujaza alshabab huku,

It’s not her that’s my target but the airheads who will follow her lead and mislead ouru

It’s oil rich, supposedly

Even if no oil is found, they are still Kenyans ans they deserve a chance at development

Well put but its what she wrote that is what I’m against and unfortunately she has an audience.

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Cheered on by the likes of @Wakanyama