Church Regulation/ Control Looming?

I am currently watching a live church Service in Kayole where WSR and his brigade are attending and preaching politics… I have not heard the religious preacher speaking… Is this a Church Service or political rally disguised as a Church Service? Isn’t the Government (read UK, Kieleweke Deepest State+ Jakom) likely to institute tough measures to control these happenings sooner than later? Just thinking around?

Are you new to Kenya?

No. Am just extrapolating UK’s behaviour in the last 3 years… like anticorruption drives, changing currency notes, firing senate and parliamentary leaders all aligned to WSR… It is obvious that UK is reactive to TangaTanga and it will possibly be a matter of time before he directly controls the Church

If they could only review how their licences are issued.Atleast to check the church location before dishing out those permits.
In my neighbourhood there is a church inside a flat.I am like 5 blocks away from the flat and can’t stand the noise,how about those who live in the flat

Yeah… but this will be as a result of the system’s fear of WSR nothing else… WSR leads them… so they will follow him here sooner than later i think

Funerals and churches are the new political platforms.
Funerals lakini si poa. Hiyo ni kukosea waliofiwa heshima.
Kwanza funerals should be strictly a clan affair with only the closest of friends attending.

Yet, “mheshimiwa/your excellency” gracing the burial is kind of a status symbol and send off.

That said, hakuna regulations za church zitakuja. That’s been the playground since 2010s.
Do you know, that during the strictest covid restrictions, there’s a church where without fail, members attended Sunday service and Friday Kesha with police providing security? In all of freaking Kenya.
Their permit came from above…na sio Ruto ama Raira.

Ughaseer ingine hakieleweki

Si auwe tu wsr na io shida yote iishe? Kuna haja gani ubadilishe currency, uregulate kanisa, ufanye vituko alfu lela ulela sababu ya mtu mmoja? Ama amelemewa na Ruto?