church kunguru

I met this girl at our church 3 years ago who I really admired. But after approaching her, she told me she is not going to accept me or accept any sexual relationship with me. She wanted we abstain until we get married a thing I was against since I do not believe in that, since most who do that are hypocrites telling you to chill but are out there giving their bodies to other men. But I finally gave up on her, even relocated but due to other reasons.
Recently, I met her but was shocked to see she got a baby who is a little over a year now. I approached her and asked her why she had to deny me yet she was having sex, proof being the baby.
She told me am not the type of men to joke around with, in short, I do not look like a playboy or bad boy hence why she said no to me, but said I am a husband material and would only accept me for a serious relationship. She even tells me now she is ready to get married and I am the man of her choice.
My problem is, why would she deny me only to come back when she has a child? Why doe ladies joke with nice men’s feelings or hearts when they are busy fucking bad boys? As a matter of fact, the man who made her pregnant is a known womanizer, married but has several other children out of wedlock.
Just post it and tell ladies to stop being foolish yet turn around and start calling men dogs when they are indeed bitches! Also tell men not to accept the emotional blackmail of chilling until marriage yet the lady is busy distributing her pussy left right and center except to him.

:D:D:D:D:D:Dhusband material:D:D:D


jinga sema umeiba wapi hio story

Church kungurus are the worst. They can make you get depressed out of guilt.

Clearly you were meant for one another. Marry her plus all her other men. After all seems she really loves you. No other man stands a chance.

Unashambulia this @kendez mendez Sana bana

Where did you get measured and found that you are a husband material? husband materials are on their knees interceding for their women, not in K-talk sex and relationship section.

This hekaya doesn’t make sense.

For the first time ever , you’ve written something meaningful.


What she decides to do with her puthy is her business. Kuma usio ila inakuashia nini?

Kwa kifupi alikwambia you have micro penile member

Happened to me two times, church girls ni moto wa kuotea mbali.

:Dyou’re perfect for her now more than ever:D:D

Either watakuseti at bay wakikupima akili ama watakupeleka mbio wakielekea wedding ndio waprove they can get married too. Kuna mmoja alinipeleka speed kuliko hao kunguru nilikuwa nimezoea. Coming to think of it yeye ndio alikiwa kunguru master Kwa bird sanctuary yangu. Alikuwa anajificha kwa yesu tu.

Your english is also not the type to joke around with

jokes aside its simple bad boys rich or broke are way fun than good honest n loyal boys #fact. bitches love drama if your life runs around a boring routine n personality is uptight than bitches will choose to first have fun with the bad boys then afterwards settle down with good boys…it has n always been that go out there n slay

Fugia umbwa mtoto!

Husband material indeed…fyeka pussy hadi iwake moto.Apana wekwa pending na hizi kunguru