Church and Money

Nakumbuka nikiona churches zikiambia members wao watoe pesa za care package to give to the needy this season ya sherehe. With all the money that churches have, hawawezi jitolea by themselves to dig into their money and maybe spend some to buy the care packages themselves? Why do they use the phrase giving is better than receiving, what happens to the money left over for the past financial years? Is it shared out like businesses do with profits to their shareholders?
Has anyone ever had a financial problem and their church stepped in? Ama nikuwekelewa mikono na maombi?

Most churches are scam. They use the religion to enrich themselves. It’s better to catch the sermon from the radio or TV and then donate money to the needy.

The mpesa number is very prominent kwa screen

Church=meffi , Atheist till death here

Endelea hivyo utakuta jehanam ni ukweli

Let them find the hottest spot. That’s mine. Fuck God

Haya, shaitan anakungoja hapo na trident, adunge kinyambi ugeuzwe kama kuku ya Sonford

Church za manispaa zina ujinga…

Cunt wait men… cunt wait for my perceived chance in the cooking room. I hope to smell the worst. Fuck God anyday everyday.

Hope y’all know we will be in that hot chamber one way or another if at all it exists. Most people are hypocrites yet they brand themselves christians.

Utakuwa ukiona decapitated @Bingwa Scrotum na 72 virgins wake akishikila matumbo isimwagike

Ni jukumu la kondoo kulisha mchungaji…

I shall do a thread about God’s grace some day.
John 1:16 For from His Fullness, we have received grace upon grace upon grace.

Halafu unabaki ukila @Ngimanene na matharo, ilhali mchungaji kwake ni minofu ya nyama kila siku…

Na Kiengei. Alianza kupeana sadaka. Atarushwa nje

@gosh Just imagine, na ukiomba pastor hata kilo ya mchele ya kula na @Ngimanene na matharo unaambiwa you’re in the wilderness, God will provide nyama like he did for the Israelites, just persevere.

It is supposedly “more blessed to give than to receive”…
Yet they don’t to be blessed by GIVING.

Kisha ukitoa sadaki and for some strange reason uulize hii pesa inaenda wapi and itatumiwa kivipi? Watu wanakuambia wewe bora umetoa pesa na vile itatumiwa is a non issue.

Upuzi mtupu!

The wealth of the Catholic Church is immeasurable. Angalia hapo karibu na wewe wako na shule, hospitali na kanisa ngapi. They have investments from Lokichoggio to Lamu. In Nairobi CBD they own several multibillion properties. They recognise that real wealth is on Earth, not Heaven.