Chupilee Takataka wing whining as usual

Kumera kumera you voted 3 times for your man mukijua vizuri sana how the economy had gone so spare us this hypocrisy.


the bottom line “tangu raila aingie kwa serikali,ndio mambo yameharibika”.thats nonsense and not because am defending anyone…we dont need to sugarcoat the fact that uhuru has messed up this country…

This Corona Virus thing has actually Saved uhuru politically, at least for now… I expect the ‘yote yawezekana bila uhuru song to start’ as soon as this miss is done! It will be a humiliating exit for the gatundu man…

Wacha niletee ule jamaa alimvote four times. :D:D:D:D

August 2022 is only 26 months away. Politicians from who annoy the people will be joining William Kabogo and Priscilla Nyokabi.