Chronicles of Azor Ahai


1hr later. No comment. Nigga be like…


Anyway, he musters courage and says fuck y’all dumb ass bitches! I dont even need your validation. This shit is gone

:D:D looks like we have found a new mumama. But the leader of the wamama pageant is still @ChifuMbitika with 80 kg belly blubber and 19kg male boobs.
1 kg is the little IQ he uses to drive his fingers down his asshole as he wipes his ass and spanks himself. Sad.

Hiyo huwa kawaida ya hio ghaseer, ata akipigwa sweep anang’oa thread.

Chinja uaaaaaaaa brownskinchieth

siet, mumeamulia brownskin leo.

piga ua brownchieth takataka

. Nimebookmark hii page.

:D:D:D:D:D huna huruma kwa brownman

That nigga must been whoring for points over here,huko reddit wanaitwa karma whores.

Jimit anatambua huruma estate pekee.

Mpigeni masweep hadi azoeee

Ebu skuma links mzuri mzuri za reddit

Alinunulia chokosh food pale food court akaona aweke thread.

Brownie anamalizwa :D:D:D:D

Zinaitwa subreddits. Anzia kwa r/all, then you’ll find what interests you

It was such an achievement:D:D:D:D:D:D wanaume wakilisha na kusomesha jamii mzima

Chafua hio mburukenge kabisa:D:D

:D:D:D:D @Azor Ahai is a pussssyyyy

So according to chapter 42 of the geek bible verse 9 if I write a post and a couple of online nerds see it, they must screenshot it for reference because I am the only real big G whose posts are worth screenshots :D:D:D

Fuck’n nerds

@Jimit, what was the post about. I’m curious what @Azor Ahai had to say about boy child.