Christian MGTOW on casual sex and soul ties

I’ve gotta admit… You are one interesting lady… I’d shoot my shot if you weren’t absolutely fucked in the head.


So today bcz I have mentioned MGTOW in a message I sing here now I have become interesting? Say no to brainwashing. As4 shooting whatever you want to shoot, ask yourself how many shootings I’ve seen or do you think yours is the special one? These things once you get to my age are as exciting as filling tax returns. We know you people inside out so there are no more illusions of grandeur, all you boil down to is the ability to pay bills and if that ability is adequate compensation for the donkey work of being shot. Beyond a certain age, it becomes black and white, we don’t feel flattered by male interest anymore bcz its nothing but a ruse into a life of indentured servitude the only variable is the renumeration.

You’re just proving my point. No ‘non-interesting’ lady would’ve replied like this.
And I’m not MGTOW. I think those lads have it backwards.
I really don’t care what you think either way. I just find you interesting. Your opinions are moot here.

Ala, is this your other handle. My point is that it takes 2 to tango and in fact women are the ones with the final say, no matter how much men shoot. The pay the heaviest price so it’s them who shoot. Men’s attitude of its all upto them is false. If a woman is single its because that the choice she has made, not due to lack of suitors or shooters and the more mature a woman becomes the more she realizes via either experience or observation that it may not be worth it and may not add value to her life. It’s no longer the magical thinking of prince charming or knight in shining armor.