Chris Kirubi.

Chris Kirubi airlifted to US In critical condition for an urgent surgery. This comes after spending 12 days at Nairobi hospital.

Someone else operating his twitter account.

mbisha or it never happened.

May God healing hand touch him if it is true. Ugonjwa haujui tajiri wala masikini

niliwaambia mukakataa , but tunaombea DJ CK mema

ata kama ni hiyo kundeke ikipaa

Who, you?

After all earthly riches are all in vain.



May he get well soon.

Get Well soon CK.

He is still posting on fb

Kwani muko na yeye…sandaooo!

Peasant toka hapa na hio ufukara yako. So tuishi mediocre lives juu earthly riches are vain? Stop consoling yourself for your miserable life.

Most slum dwellers agree!

Luwe… Ok too soon?

@AMB_Sunday one day this will be said about you too!


But…what is this

Namuombea augue pole…

stupid comment. you’d rather he doesn’t have? these are those dumb comments that mean nothing.