Chris kirubi is dead

Kumbe the guy was battling cancer all those time.
From now henceforth hiyo pesa ya uwizi haitamsaidia tena.

But anyway Rest in Peace mogul


but imemusaidia tangu 1977
angededi 1994 lakini ketraco imemuweka miaka salasini

Kwani alikula bibi DFHKMBL HNKN?

What is the beef with the man NV ghasia? Let the old man rest in peace.


Sad. RIP.


Rip Elder


Alah, hii maisha jos.
Na IEBC man habari zinasemaje…

nani huyo

Rip…cancer is not the best way to go…

Life eh?


Oh well, may he be judged accordingly

Ndio me hushangaa when guys talk about “karma” hata when referencing Moi. The guy lived to an age most of us can only hope kufikisha half of, and he was loaded as all hell. He had the best healthcare, best food, best service best of everything! till the last millisecond he was alive.

Yenyewe peasant proverbs is a thing.

He came to this World…
He saw…
And did whatever he had to do…
That is his Life Testament…

I’m not sure but I’ve got a funny feeling right before he died alijiuliza pesa yote yenye ako nayo ni ya nini kama haimsaidii kupona. Then maybe akaokoka and repented his sins then died.

May he Rest in peace.

Uchumi looter

Rip but I don’t like hii risto ya uchumi na kenacto among others

Feels achia ladies