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Ugly cars

Wheels wametoa sana hadi zinakaa wannabe. Gari zenyewe ni poa sana. Wangetoa kidogo tu. zinakaa ni kama kagari kametegwa juu ya kimkokoteni.

Ford anytime

Ford raptor

Ford Raptor 150 2017 model…man what a truck…serious offload

Kama hakuna Nissan Titan Warrior apana ongelesa mimi

That white dodge

Ford Raptor can make me choke di bishap

Ford F150 any day… Lakini apo kwa muscle cars umetupima wazimu. Ingekua ata big foot tungeelewa kiasi

The owners have small penises

bloody Americans, humongous vehicles combined with massive engines but so little power.These guys must be compensating for something that they lack.

How does a car have a massive engine and little power at the same time keeping all other things constant? Sielewi.

American vehicles have high capacity engine which produce no so much.
Most of the listed trucks are north of 5 litre engine but the horse power and torque can’t match their counterparts in European or Japanese market.
Do you know the famous Landcruiser 200 is sold in most markets with an engine varying from 4000cc to 4700 cc but in America they have the same wearing a Lexus LX570 suit which has 5700cc.
Looks at the like of @introvert wheels muulize engine capacity yake.
Check others like Mustang ,Corvette … kwa ufupi most American cars will have a massive block and they have the steering on the wrong/left side of the vehicle.
Muscle cars .


raptor 150 ndo kusema…I like the way its supercharger whines when accelerating.

My poison

I can get one of these to bully people on the road.

Serious offload. …ndio kusemaje?