Choose your country?

After election was ragged by juppile wakora and violence/hunger strike every where in the former “kenya” where will be your country soon?


Back to school…old chap



they are going nuts. frustrated hope can do that to you…


Being led by a false god too



tuko nyuma ya baba


Mkinusa mnyambo au?

Do you the permission of using the name Kenya? And the mountain is in the middle of our territory, you can call yourself kavirondo republic, Babuonstani but not anything to do with Kenya.

President Lungu of Zambia warns the Supreme Court not to be reckless like their Kenyan counterparts.

Lungu is a pussytator !

what’s that?

Feminazi alternative for a Dictator.

Am not for the idea for secession but that doesnt mean am jap.

Nimewachia at “BECKON of peace” ama ni bacon of piss?