Should be cosy.

A toilet should just be clean. Hii vitu wachia the parasitic owners of capital.

Good mbishas. I much prefer separate bathroom and toilet. Big spacious bathroom and a smaller toilet. Guys just tend to go for a combi to save space which is understandable. But if you have a big household are we all going to wait to use the loo when someone is done with showering? or someone has done a poo and I need to shower…hiyo arufu nayo jee?

Cute. Designer toilets and bathrooms uhuru we need this in public toilets

That should not arise when each bedroom is ensuite

A house should have at least 2 toilets. But if it has only one toilet, then the bathroom and toilet should be separate so that mtu akioga the toilet can still be used…

That does not come cheap tho. Not for my pocket right now.