Iko fisi ita pita na huyu dame
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These just shows they remain human beings behind the dirt.

Shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka

I know this girl. Her name is Zippy ka sijakosea. These people are so nice with a very big heart, ni vile sometimes life hupiga chenga. Big up Zippy. Cheers

Ni chokosh cha ukweli ?

By the time I knew her, she was

[ATTACH=full]158183[/ATTACH] stunned won’t lie

Are u also a chokosh/used to be one?

No I’m not one and I wasn’t one. I sometimes spend time and share love with them as I get to understand what they go through

Na ulimtomba?

Saw the photos doing rounds kwa fb, after kurembeshwa bado walirudi kwa streets ?

Zii. I don’t take advantage of people like that. She has a future which I wouldn’t want to tamper with. See where she is now and imagine the guilt that would be eating my bones out.

Trying to wake up the sleeping (Dawg) ama ni hiyo ingine?

Shikilia uzito buda

@Ebru ameland. Nyamazeni atoe ushuhuda:D

sounds gay, sleeping with her is not talking advantage

It takes a lot to rehabilitate street kids. I have seen several being adopted into homes, but few months down the line, they end up going back to the streets.
I guess it’s hard for them to be in an environment that is orderly.

Vindu nivichenjangaga.

Beautiful. Not everybody is where s/he is kwa kupenda…

kuna moja umesahau.