Choices and Consequences of the war on drugs

  1. He smokes weed and he gets an Oscar

  1. She smokes weed and she gets a Grammy.

  2. He smokes weed and he gets to live in the White House

  3. But if they smoke weed

They will be very lucky to avoid this

The War on Drugs is really a war against poor people. And ending it is long overdue


I didn’t know QT blow trees, god tier director.

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If KQ had hedged on ganja like you they would be flying on cloud nine together with you



The war on drugs or the war on weed?

The majority of people that are prosecuted on drug charges are cannabis users. The war on drugs is largely a war on cannabis. But even so, we need to treat addiction not criminalize it.

HEHEHE hio avatar yako inakuanga fiam

So ka hawangeleta issue ya drugs hatunge need kuimaliza? Foko jembe