Chinks will always fear the Samurai

Imperial Japanese soldiers climb the great wall of China, 1937
Chinese generals surrender to the Japanese, 1894

Ukweli tu usemwe, Germans & Japs are the master race na kama Axis ingeshinda saa hii tungekuwa 2221

Right now, the Japanese can’t dare the Chinese to a war. They will be utterly crashed

Instead we have this
If you support the USA, whether Dem or Republican, you are a piece of shit whose grandfather should have been crushed by the Third Reich.

It had to take the intervention of two nuclear bombs to subdue the japs. Americans themselves couldn’t set foot before that. Japs are badaśs soldiers of all time…next to genghis khan ofcourse:cool:

Just like Germany, Japan’s arms industry is severely restricted…but it doesn’t mean they don’t do their research. If these restrictions were lifted, it would take them around 15 years to start harassing China again. Those mofos are too efficient.

Japs and Germans are fucking savages, they are just quiet but if push comes to shove, ni Mambo biad…

They embarrassed the American. At pearl harbor. Ilibaki kidogo Hawaii ikuwe Yao.

:D:D:D in which universe???

Japan was a third world country that used suicidal pilots VERSUS a country with nukes!

No chance.

And they were put in their place mercilessly. Hadi leo hii bado wametii.

Bure kabisa, the ran out of tactics , they resorted to killing innocent women and children.

Kwani Japanese were killing guilty American women and children??? :D:D

Si walidai vita? Ni nini tena?

Ukichapwa chapika. Wacha story ndefu ndefu.

War ilikua Pacific Ocean , why go bomb civilians. In cities.
Ata Vietnam walishindwa
Ata Somalia walitii.

America have never been to ANY war,occupation ndio yao na kujipiga kifua with all that shiny millitary hardware all parked in the yard,warudi somalia wapatiwe that good ol fashion aśś kicking…you know america and big machines:D

To be honest, they have the capability to bomb those goat fuckers akina @Bingwa Scrotum back to the stone age .Occupying and pacifying the country is a different matter altogether though.

Pearl habour iko pacific ocean sio? Kuwa serious.

The Japanese brought the war to the U.S shores. 353 attack aircraft destroyed U.S navy vessels and sunk 4 out of 8 among other untold massive damages.

They killed 2403 Americans on American soil. What kind of reaction did you expect?

True, if you are the school bully and sanctioned everyone to mere slingshots but you have a BB gun. Lots of countries have the capability to make bombs but tumeinamia aanko sam sana. I know a kenyan and a somali nuclear physicists…if given the chance…

Hilary Ngweno would not know how to design a slingshot if his life depended on it. His use by date is long gone

Japan’s only mistake was poking the bear known as the US, had they simply stayed on their end of the pacific ocean world war 2 would have ended with them owning large swathes of Chinese and Russian territory. They were the only industrialized country in Asia at the time heck they were only industrialized country outside of Western Europe and North America.