Chinese texts

China being our development partners and implementing many a projects across the country, which is a good thing, but why the heck do this guys write the signs in their language? Why don’t they just use our national languages of Swahili and English? Or did the use of Chinese language form a part of the prerequisite for the loans?

The product is for Kenya and Kenyans? I don’t see how your question is related to the post.

Probably to guide Chinese staff working on these projects.

Yesterday I passed by the underpass at the Huruma roundabout along outer ring road, the underpass bears some funny Chinese texts.
Could be, but to work in a foreign country proficiency in the language of the country is required for most professions but seems it doesn’t for the Chinese ones.

He who pays the piper calls the tune.

I thought the signage was in both Chinese and English and in some instances, both English and Swahili… You see China is one country that regularly informs its citizens about what it is doing around the world and the signage has to include the home language for the photos and documentaries its media shoots.

well said

People working on those projects are Chinese nationals who can’t speak any other language other than Chinese and you don’t exoect them to read Swahili and English do you?

I see, we have ourselves to blame for the lack of Swahili language in the projects.

I didn’t say that now, did I?:D:D:D:D:D

They even have restaurants with names and menus in Chinese. They are not for you if you don’t read their language.

You didn’t but I have always noted we don’t use Swahili the most widely used language in Kenya in most official functions.

True, we will repay the loan and yet they are busy excluding the recipient of the projects.

Maybe it’s a matter for our MOICT or the Presidential Delivery Unit Secretariat to look into. Guess you noted them running frantically just before the elections coz they realized Kenyans didn’t know what they were doing. Hello @spear

Hiyo Chinese wa naandika, uki translate inakuwa tarantino = meffi

Amabiaya yaaaaa project zako zimendikwa okiek language yako?

It is a matter of practicality. Ata kamiti signs huwa zimeandikwa na English, Kiswahili, na Kisapere.

It was a prison for the freedom fighters who were???
How practical is the sign at the Huruma roundabout underpass, since the only signage there is written in Mandarin?

na kodiaga?

It is a power move