Chinese should eat their dogs without distraction

Media and celebrities from the usual countries are at it again. This time they are against dog meat eating festival in China calling it cruelty against animals. If we go that route, then let us make it even by campaigning against cruelty to goats, pigs, chickens, cows and fish. Turkey eating during christmas should also be banned. Otherwise it is just hypocrisy.

As a side issue, i note that not all Chinese have small, slanting macho.

These western activists wana bore let people live the way they have known, what if Indians decide to impose their tradition against eating beef on the rest of us like they do wawache kelele

Wtf…siezi kula mbwa

pia muhindi anakuangalia na mshangao ukila Mungu shoma kule bypass

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Thats the reality of “god”'s creation. We kill and eat each other everywhere.

Chinesse are just dogs

Chinesse are just dogs

Kwa raha zao.


You aren’t Chinese, so relax. Do you know there are folks right here in Kenya who can’t stand the sight and smell of omena, yet it’s a delicacy to akina Omondi?

@ekamsweu hiyo bukusu shepherd yako inazaa lini

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