Chinese Scientist Edits The Genes of Twins To Make Them Immune To HIV

A Chinese scientist made a breakthrough by editing the genes of twins before birth to make them immune to HIV. You would think the news would be received with ululations of celebrations, but unfortunately, the scientist has been outcasted by the Science community.

It’s either the top echelons don’t want a cure to HIV since it brings in a lot of money, or gene editing can bring a lot of health complications in future. Imagine in the future before you have a baby, you decide exactly what you want your baby look like.
Brown skin or dark skin? Figure ya Msapre ama ya Mluhya? Brown or blue eyes? Beard or no beard for a man?

We should have gene editing so the likes of faggy boy @lichoti and @Motokubwa can be rewired to grow vaginas we fuack them

CRISPR is the future in medicine , lakini HIV/AIDS will remain as a manageable condition for awhile. Big pharma aren’t ready to let their cash cow go.

Chinku don’t give a fuck. Kwanza ndio wataingia gene editing full steam. When Chinese decide to go down a path, the government gives them 100% support and within no time they dominate that field. They’ve already done it with solar and electric vehicles.

Gene editing is still a grey area in the field of medical research, just like human cloning. It’s not yet fully accepted because of moral issues.

That’s cool

What moral issues if it’s major intention is to save humanity from these pandemics.
Chinese you have my full support.

What moral issues yet they support homosexuality and other vices in the society

Human beings aren’t guinea pigs! More so, babies who have no way of granting consent. But of course the amoral Chinese have no issue with that. Were these kids at risk for contracting HIV? No. Just because something can be done doesn’t make it okay to pursue it. IMO, further studies in the form of long term, animal trials should be conducted before going down this path.

and how did they know wako immune to HIV, did they expose them to HIV?

No. They did deleted the CCR5 gene; without its receptors, the HIV virus can’t infiltrate your body.

Would you agree your genes to be altered to have the fountain of youth aka immortality? Pale dark web niliona some article that these researchers have actually done it, but it will never see light of day coz of moral issues. Gene manipulations can seriously wipe out humanity as we know it if not controlled.

Africans have been Guinea pigs for big pharma for so long that your suggestion is laughable.

Add donor funding “recipients” and “research” to that list…that’s big business that would go to the drain if a cure is found.

Fooling around with our genes may be a mistake. We dont exactly know how evolution got us where we are today but we do know that gene mutations plays a part. Getting rid of mutations (or in this case getting rid of a gene that codes for something) may stunt our evolutionary path.

but Africans are guinea pigs gor experiments by the Whites you self hating African.

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Wa! Hii story, selling it to people is very easy unfortunately. Just tell them all the good things. Lakini this is very dangerous.

Most of the gene manipulations will be done for profit, not for the altruistic purpose of enhancing survival so whatever comes out of those experiments may not necessarily be viable for survival in the environment.

Human beings are very greedy. Once this thing is well known, you will pay for each enhancement, you want immunity to cough, aids, suphillis? Pay extra. You want immortality, bring your whole bank account. Sorry, you forgot to pay for ability to procreate, so no balls for you.

Then there is the issue of the botched humans. What do you do with them? Cheap gene mutations will happen and people will suffer.