Chinese Plunder Angolan Fish Stocks

Angolan fishermen are blaming China’s Distant Water fleet for prefatory fishing tactics that are decimating local fish stocks and livelihoods.

There are about 50,000 artisanal canoe operators in Angola, where about 100,000 people work in the fisheries sector.

This illegal practice has extended from Southern Africa all the way to West African Waters.

China has the world’s largest distant-water fishing fleet and is the world’s worst illegal , unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing offender , according to the IUU Fishing Index.

Of the top 10 companies engaged in illegal fishing globally , eight are from China.

Chinese trawlers throughout West Africa are known for using illegal tactics , such as fishing with explosives , fishing with artificial lights , fishing in areas reserved for artisanal fishermen and practicing “saiko,” the illegal transshipment of fish at sea.

Bottom trawling is perhaps the most destructive illegal practice employed by Chinese trawlers.

The practice wrecks ecosystems that fish need to survive and indiscriminately catches all manner of marine life.

Around Africa , China’s bottom trawl fleet catches an estimated 2.35 million tons of fish a year worth more than $5 Billion , according to the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF).

Chinese trawlers also are notorious for targeting endangered and vulnerable marine life , including sharks and rays in Angola , where industrial fishing companies from Italy , Poland , Portugal , Russia , Spain , South Korea and Taiwan also operate.

The country soon may face the decline and collapse of its fisheries if industrial fishing is not properly managed according to experts who for years have tracked China’s illegal fishing across the world.

The Chinese distant-water fleet is scooping out vast amounts of fish , very rarely for local consumption , much more often for international sale , which leaves coastal communities in multiple countries across Sub-Saharan Africa literally going hungry.

Angolan authorities struggle to combat illegal fishing.
The country has only 15 patrol boats to cover its 1,650 kilometer coastline.

The United States Embassy in Botswana funded SADC Atlantic , which formed in 2022 to support counter-IUU fishing efforts in Angola , Namibia and South Africa.

The organization aims to improve Angola’s policy , legal and institutional frameworks ; strengthen its fishing vessel monitoring , control and surveillance system ; and increase regional cooperation in the fight against illegal fishing.

My Questions here are :-

  • Why do African Governments allow this Chinese theft of National Resources continue …??

  • Why can’t we defend our Marine Resources the same way China is fighting it’s neighbors with Warships over disputed Islands and Fishing areas of the South China Sea …??

It is time to throw out all Chinese from Africa…!!:rage::rage::fire::fire:


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