chinese language in kenya

Its being reported that the government wants to introduce Chinese languages in the school curriculum. I’m left wondering who are these dimwits that think learning Chinese will make us developed like China. We have been learning all the English there is in this world and we are still a third world country in spite of English being the foremost technological language.

In my opinion, what we need is not another cultural indoctrination but serious scientific learning. If the Chinese were very willing to help us they would be teaching us the technology they use to build massive infrastructure and technological gadgets but that will never happen. If this is not cultural imperialism what is? There is nothing wrong with learning Chinese but let it be ones choice like the French language, we shouldn’t make it compulsory like English and Swahili.

Why do Africans always copy the wrong aspect of foreign cultures? Do we naturally suffer from inferiority complex when faced with fair skinned people? Id rather my child learn African languages in his formative years before being exposed to foreign languages. Identity is very key in this world no matter how global it is. What say you ktalkers?

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Pato wapi link?

My pal from Philippines tells me by the time one reaches form 4, they should have learned English & another foreign language. You will find a philipino in nearly all the countries because they know most of the common languages plus they don’t have an accent. Its all about being marketable globally. Mimi kama ningefanya french I would’ve been quite far economically

Chinese compulsory? can’t happen, wont happen.

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French ndio lugha naonanga haisaidiangi, the french are not that good economically sasa wapi ndio itakusaidia?

Im listening to you and words like Global economy spring to mind. It is also a fact that China will be the biggest world economy in the next 10 to 20 years and so it will be in your childs interest for them to speak and understand how to do business with the big player of their day.
You will be surprised that Chinese has been taught from primary level in the poshest schools in America and Britain for about 20 years now and in England for example a child of 10 comes home and tells you all about China and their culture as to taught to them in class.
Kama hawa wabeberu wenyewe wanaona that their days are numbered as the “top dogs” for them to even start "arming "and readying their kids by making them learn all about their new fore what is wrong with Kenya taking the same necessary steps?
Education and knowledge never hurt no one;its the lack thereof that has kept us in our situation as Africans-(Mhenga Ka-Buda.2015)


kuna kazi mzuri tunisia I missed because sikuwa najua french

no problem with learning chinese. just not as a compulsory subject

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if they introduce it as an option sioni shida yeyote…mimi hata punjabi ingekuwa option nikiwa primary ningejifunza

yep it should be optional only

I agree with you Kabuda but let it not be compulsory, watu wale wangependa kusoma wacha wapewe nafasi,sio sisi sote tutaka kusoma hio lugha.

bado hujaweka link. Ni haoooo?

Nonsense! How many chinese(%) speak fluent English? Did it hamper their development as a nation? Hii ni ukoloni mamboleo and futile move from clueless guys. . But what do you expect from monkeys leading a banana Republic?

It’s like learning the maa language of the maasai so that you become a super cattle herder. Utter hogwash!

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I hear you, but what language are you (and I) typing in?

Its hard to take you seriously while looking at your Avator but im going to have a go anyway!
The Chinese have been the the biggest majority of foreign students in any college,university or any third level institution both in America and most definitely in the UK from my own experience since time began and all for the same reasons that they are now capitalising in.
In England alone,most universities` budgets are reliant on Chinese ,Japanese and Indian students who come in not to just learn the language but also to soak in the English culture as a tool of competing in the global economy that we are living in.

I’ve worked with chinese guys kwa mjengo wa mabypass from 2009, but to be true they are not here for kenyans. That said, kunawatu mob wamesoma chinese but these guys can’t/ haven’t employed anybody that understands what they’re saying. Tafakari hayo

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I totally support this, whether compulsory or optional. It will give Kenyans great exposure to the affairs of the east. Today Kenya is working towards setting up a renminbi clearance center the benefits of which are immense. It’s time to start consuming news/information from local Chinese dailies and blogs and use it to our advantage

If you can’t see the benefit of making English a compulsory examinable subject in primary and secondary school, then I have no words for you. And if you expect that learning a language will alleviate us from poverty or the grand corruption that relegates us to a third world status then you are light years away from reality.

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