Chinese Hypersonic Jet


New York to Beijing, in two hours: Researchers in China say they have developed a hypersonic plane that hit speeds of 5,600 miles per hour in tests and could one day ferry passengers to any destination in the world in under three hours. The aircraft has two sets of wings that increase lift and diminish turbulence. Hypersonic flight could also be a military game changer, allowing bombers to reach a target in record time.

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Hii ni hekaya bwana

China is really planning well… Where the super power failure, they are making good well up corrections. They know it will take time to over take the US as leader, but when they do… Oh! They will be so ready.

first develop a hypersonic cruise missile then talk about people-carrying plane

This geometric shape of that Chinese plane can’t fly at hypersonic speed.


Mzito Putin alilaunch jana moja. First one was June last year

gani? zircon au?wacha nitafute siko aware.

They won’t! The mighty us of a wako na so much hidden and they ain’t playing with a full deck of cards. Just u know

I can promise you that statement was also given by the Great Britain in the 1900s when the US finally to over they never saw it coming.

kama concord ilianguka ,will this make it really?

Ill give the chinese one thing, they are truly adept at designing the ugliest of machines

Check his 1st March speech


…and it took 2 world wars and 40 million+ dead for that to happen. Mind you China is still categorized as a developing nation based on things like its gini and wealth distribution…Technology(stolen) alone will not make China a super power now that its economy is on a downward spiral and the populace aging rapidly.
Tafuta movie inaitwa wolf warrior 2 to get a summary of their frustrations.:smiley:

first one looks like a di*ck though, hilarious


Oh yeah?

you beg to differ?

This looks like an aliem head . Lol,:eek::eek::eek: Withdraw the ugly china jibe