Man to serve 10 years for raping drunk best friend for hours
A 42-year-old man has been sentence to 10 years in prison for raping Zacharia Wachira, with whom he has been drinking alcohol for 20 years.

Joseph Gatere Karaya was found guilty of the offence which is against the ‘order of nature.’

The two, together with another friend, were reportedly having drinks in Mwiki in 2010. Karaya is said to have invited Wachira to spend the night at his place because it was late. He allegedly forced himself on Wachira when they got to his house and forcefully undressed him, threatening to stab him should he resist his advances or raise the alarm.

The prosecution said Wachira was overpowered by the accused who sodomised him from 10pm to midnight. Karaya denied the allegations, but was found guilty of the offence.

perhaps stabbing would have been better

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Huyo ni Waweru. Kabuda let that guy walk free, he got deported sasa ona ile maneno alileta Kenya.

Victims should speak up on time so they can save the next person.


@kabuda kuja hapa

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Standard newspaper has too much hekaya. We will now be demanding mbisha from them. Especially those articles whose link have the words “SDE”

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Sema polepole na uchunge @Unicorn asikusikie, alikuwa anasema hii mambo ya mbicha ni utoto

SDE was made to give akina ghafla compe after waligundua youths wa siku hizi own phones and nolonger wait for pulse on friday. na pia after @kichwakibovu wrote some article to show how superior ghafla was.

@kichwakibovu ni wa mharo

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Hii story ya kunywa pombe bila mpango huletea watu shida mob.


Hata @Luther12 alisema kitu kama “irritating” .

So watu wa KEB mukae mukijua hiyo ofisi yenyu ni ya kitoto, na sio mimi nimesema

Eish! These people!

After being buddies for 20yrs, craizy.

WAPI @Dean Room 254

Uncle @uwesmake umekosa momo weekend nimekamuana nyama villa swara hii

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Hehehehe. Unakamua hata mvua ikinyesha?

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Hehe uncle @WuTang lazima tungesherekea vijana wa wenger wakiuma mtu mkia


some of these things that happen these days are not normal…how do you eye someone for 20 years without him ever hinting ama noticing that hes reverse biased(homosexual).??