China's stiff competitor Turkey, also suffering from ghost cities.

Dictator ni dictator tu. Awe ni Erdogan ama Jinping, dictator hufanya chenye anajiskia. Akiamua atajenga city mpya leo anafanya hivyo. Consultancy or secondary opinions are foreign to them not unless they fuck up so badly that the party elites have to recall them. Even in Russia Putin does pretty much what he pleases and these creates a vacuum of better ideas because your idea as the supreme leader might not necessarily be the best idea to pursue. Erdogan just like Jinping or Hu jintao has pushed the construction bubble in Turkey too far and its almost bursting. Hundreds of Turkish real estate developers are filing for bankruptcy. No buyers for their houses.

Will Uhuru do the same with his so called govt housing plan i.e create a bubble? Build too many houses but hakuna buyers? Only time will tell.

Mahn jayden has only 1and half years making it 1/2 a year by removing unsoberity and sleep. Tell me how many houses would he build within that time frame?

So if I buy the apartment for 200,000 Euro (Kshs 26M) I get Turkish citizenship?

I have also heard that Kagame’s Vision city built by the Chinese remains largely empty.

Just another dictator legacy project. It was built by the Chinese and the quality of some of the houses is not too good and the empty ones are falling apart. Kagame is also pushing the bubble very hard. Most Rwandese cannot afford these type of housing, their salaries do not match the dictator’s dreams.

A staggering €400,000 (euros) na roof yenyewe ni kamabati ka kuchomelea. Kanagongwa na upepo kanaanguka. Kuna roof imeanguka hapo chini kwa findio.

For citizenship you spend $250,000 on a Turkish home and stay in the country for 3 years, Erdogan atakupea passport.

[SIZE=1]Zitajengwa haraka haraka na ile makaratasi ya cmax. Ikianguka usiku shauri yako.[/SIZE]

Luanda Angola ghost town

Ati 1 bedroom ni $120,000 , 3 bedroom ni $250,000… :smiley:

A dictator’s greed knows no bounds. That city can house 500,000 families. Si apatie 300,000 poor families manyumba at affordable costs halafu akule hizo 200,000 zimebaki, kama ni lazima akule.


@T.Vercetti . Luxury homes are a hard sell. Very few people have expendable incomes to afford those, and lending restrictions are way higher. Developers typically overprice them and sit for years waiting for buyers. Many times titles are transferred to financiers willing to take a risk. Typical markups are 4x-5x. So a developer only needs to sell one out of 5 to break even. By the time they sell a second unit, they have moved on.

They are not Arabs.

Yani watu ni greedy hadi hawawezi punguza bei na rent ingalau iwache kuwa ghost town

I know you like Biden and China CCP which helped Biden to steal the election but focus. For once use your brains. These houses are not being built by some “developer” but rather this is looted national wealth by the dictator(s). Whether the citizens buy the houses or not the dictator already got his massive cut kitambo.

All the countries mentioned above from China, Turkey, Rwanda, Angola… they are all lead by mbirrionea dictators. It is projects like these that make or made them super rich. If you were to supply cement alone to such mega projects, hio imetosha. At the same time you get to reward your closest buddies. Erdogan for instance has massive bank vaults in his house where he hides his loot. Construction tenders zimemletea mbirrions.

Im sure I will find more such estates if I drive into those countries.

City not estate. Inakaa huelewi ni nini hizi nasema. A city that can hold 500,000 families and is 13,000 acres in size.

Rwandans and Burundians are hawking stuff in Nairobi. Yet @mbakuthesupreme claims Kagame and Megafool are the best presidents in Africa.

Sasa mambo ya Erdogan na dictatorship imeingilia wapi in that video? They clearly say all those projects were done by private developers who turned to government assistance when they were unable to sell the units. As for Uhuru, am 99% sure akijenga nyumba zote zitachukuliwa. Nairobi kuna crisis kubwa sana ya affordable housing. Kila nyumba minimum ni 6M kwenda juu.

Mr Erdogan, a former mayor of Istanbul, built his reputation and electoral popularity on undertaking gigantic public works projects like mosques, airports, and bridges, as well as facilitating big private sector projects that included showy housing complexes, glittery office towers, and shopping malls packed with Turkish and international retail brands.

Construction moguls close to the president have won state tenders through political support.

The industry is mired in claims of corruption and cronyism.

“I feel hatred towards him”, she said. “I always voted for him - but he’s ruined his people.”

Over the past 16 years, Mr Erdogan has championed construction as the engine of Turkey’s growth.

His so-called “mega projects” - from airports to bridges to tunnels - have transformed the country’s infrastructure.

And high-rise housing developments have changed city skylines, often to the horror of architects.

Isn’t this what a good president ought to do for the private sector? If we wanna hate on Erdogan it’s fine, but let’s not blame him for failing projects that are not his.