China Wu Yi Kshs 10 billion prefab building materials factory construction in on schedule.

This afternoon, I was joined by Chinese Amb. to Kenya Liu Xianja to visit the China Wu Yi building factory located in Athi River.

Installation of the factory is timely as Govt of Kenya’s Agenda is to facilitate construction of 1 Million houses in the next 5 years.

Jobs & training opport. in particular for the youth in material production & best construction practices are some of the expected benefits.
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SO @spear =ama wacha tu


wacha nifunge tu mdomo :D:D

Wuuuu yi

Nime kuonea mbali…tihihihi

I always say I can’t wait for a time when all the mud houses will be gone

Fantastic ! And for those who don’t know about the kind of architectural capabilities and strides brought about by pre-fab , watch this …

There are some good mud house designs.

China is a second world developing country. Just last month a big proportion of it’s citizens were reported to be lacking affordable housing. It’s a crisis over there! Chinese cities have the highest cost of buying a house. Here is an IMF 2011 report

Look at the towns in Red all of them very expensive as compared to London, NY. Today there is a generation of people in china called Ants and Rats because they live in basements and abandoned WWII underground channels.

Hawa ching chong wamalize shida za inchi zao kabla wakuje kuiba pesa kenya. Just look at the state of thika road on a rainy season and you’ll comprehend their objective.


That will be the day many people will be living in basements like rats without any form of dignity. A mud house is a humble residence but creates a sense of ownership and is erected on a piece of valuable land.

Kwanza the burden of paying for a mortgage is something many people do not take seriously.

Spoken like a true enemy of progress a.k.a merchant of poverty

The chinese phenomenon is not unique to China. In the West Coast on the U.S. and Canada, they have affected house prices. The government has to regulate home ownership because locals have found it hard to afford housing. So hiyo shida umepost sio shida ya kujenga nyumba, ni tu economics.

In Kenya, all we have to do is use this technology to benefit the people in informal housing…like us in Kibera.

Look at the graph and see that houses in the US where private developers carryout construction are far more affordable than Chinese houses which are developed by the government.

Even if you never stepped into an economics class it simple logic that cheap building technologies should bring about affordable housing. Building a mud house is cheap that’s why you find these houses in poverty stricken areas. If China uuuuuuuwiiiiiiii! uuuuuuuwiiiii! cannot lower the cost of housing through their advanced technology in China, how will they do it in a corrupt country like Kenya? This is a cash cow and will create more corrupt billionaires and very poor house ownership model.

WTF are you talkin about

I don’t see where it says those houses in Beijing are built by the government only. There’s a ‘Chinese Housing Bubble’ and that cannot exist if the housing is not subject to market forces. Your move…

Chinese government gives significant incentives to developers through its ministry of housing…Just google this. It’s not unique to any communist government actually. If we were communist instead of capitalist the same would happen here. Market forces actually refer to demand and supply with a few other intervening factors-like government policy. In short, if you have access to cheaper building materials like mud for example, the price of mud houses should be cheap. China uuuuuwiiii! claims to have cheaper building technology but this has a lot of hidden costs and will not be cheap for most people. Many people will mortgage their lives through this kind of a deal. In China, there are many available vacant houses, I remember reading of an entire town that had less than 10% occupancy. Yet local people cannot afford these houses at all. If they try most would be auctioned within a year or two. Simple, let uuuuuwiiiiiii! first demonstrate its ability to solve housing problems in its native land through cheap technology before replicating the same failure here in Kenya.

China is not even a developed country, we should be careful where we get help from

@spear , next time you are around the site give me a hoot. We have a client in another development nearby (another Chinese construction company called BMWP) and I was actually on site that day.

He is also going to use prefab materials.