China Southern Airways brings good news

[ATTACH=full]7542[/ATTACH] Chinese airline China Southern Airlines will in August 5 this year launch its direct flight between Nairobi and Guangzhou.

A return ticket to Guangzhou from Kenya will cost Sh74,603 ($762) tax inclusive on economy class. The airline is set to provide competition for struggling Kenya Airways which also makes direct flights to the city at Sh119, 795.

[COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)]That is a clean saving of 30k from the next best available option:D


KQ is very expensive call me broke or unpatriotic but swiss airlines and turkish airlines are my preferred, even emirates is cheaper than KQ. Shaina man atamaliza KQ sasa


KES 45,192 Savings!

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KQ this time round sioni ikitoboa, they should aggresively go for the regional market with Jambojet, huko inje mambo kwisha kuwa mbaya

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I have said it before, and I will say it again: KQ should be left to its ultimate fate. No need of rescuing a company only for it to enrich a few people.


Very good news. Guangzhou has a lot of business opportunities that people can explore. I saw an advert in the nation ya 150 k business group tour for one week including accommodation fees to Guangzhou. Was that a good deal?

150k ni pesa mingi. Fanya research. If you are a frequent traveller, and should be your favourite internet pages. One saves a lot. These organized tours na trips organized by tour firms to places like Dubai are a rip off.!! I normally see them advertising ati Dubai 59,999 with nice things like desert safari and dhow cruise. What I know is that the cost of the trips range between 38k and 42k.

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My pal went on one of those things. He told me its not the best since you are taken by those guys to specific sellers. The best way to find good deals is to solo or with a guy you know and go looking for guys yourself.


Thanks for the info.

Nimenunua tikiti a few minutes ago. nimelipishwa $761 ya ukweli. Mambo ya KQ hatutambui. Cost saving kabisa

its more than 45k savings more like 120k. last time i checked it was around 90k till Chengdu - ONE WAY

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Hiyo ni return?