China refuses WHO Covid data

China refused to hand over key data to WHO team probing pandemic’s origin
The WHO and investigators offer conflicting accounts of the closely watched probe.
by Beth Mole - Feb 14, 2021 12:41am AST

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Liang Wannian (2nd L) and Peter Ben Embarek (3rd R) both members of the WHO-China joint study team, shake hands after the WHO-China joint study press conference in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province, Feb. 9, 2021.
Getty | Xinhua News Agency
The Chinese government failed to share key data on early COVID-19 cases with a team of international scientists investigating how the pandemic began.

The researchers had requested raw data on 174 of the very first COVID-19 cases identified in Wuhan, China during December 2019, as well as other cases. But the team—assembled by the World Health Organization—was only given a summary of those early cases, according to multiple media reports.

Personally i have never trusted data coming from China

The Chinese are a paranoid lot. Of what benefit would hiding such information provide?

Hii ndio shida ya kuwa na low IQ. You easily believe fake news and propaganda.
The American and European scientists that were in the mission said China was very helpful.
Tweets zao hizi


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They are your father’s agemates. Today they may look very western in dress and mannerisms but deep in their hearts they support China and socialism. Cc @Purple

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Have you watched that documentary about how China has been inflating the networth or revenue of their local companies and selling the lie to mzungu.

For instance they will take a small factory e.g Xiaomi and the CCP govt knows the truth but they will inflate Xiaomi or Huawei to a billion dollar net worth.

Wazungu wanakimbia huko na pesa zao kununua shares but they don’t realise that it is a very broke company and the company revenue is actually CCP money.

Not just that. American companies are also forced to lie and tinker their sales numbers to inflate the importance of the Chinese consumer market. So Apple ikisema imeuza 10 million phones or Tesla wakisema they have sold 50,000 cars, the actual truth is that they have sold a 10th of that.
In the mean time, wacha tuendelee kutengeneza Pesa na NIO

Haven’t watched it yet, enlightened Chinku aren’t calling Xi the accelerator for nothing. They know Chinese economic growth is anchored on sand.

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If the construction was top notch there would be no debate about the matter. In some instances the Chinese prefer the old socialist housing because it is in fact better and more solid than the new death traps.

@Sambamba hizi ndio keja ulikuwa unasema zimejaa?

Even @#your best from.spaceX said he wont take that vaccine

China is lying about COVID. They are also currently embroiled in some ugly diplomatic row with Australia due to covid chieth . Australia has actually sued china

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