China makes plane that rivals Boeing, Bombardier

The new Chinese plane is the Xian MA60. It’s being used in Asia and Africa (Angola, Zimbabwe, Congo etc) but the west has refused to certify it claiming “safety concerns”. New Zealand even issued a travel advisory to its citizens not to travel to Tonga because the country was using the Chinese plane. Its ironical that the west has approval resumption of flights by the 737 max that killed hundreds recently in Ethiopia and Indonesia but are unwilling to approve this Chinese plane that is much safer.

I admire Chinese aggressiveness if only our bonobo thieves like ruto Rao Uhuru would copy that, we would forgive them for raping the economy

Chinese and Russian planes are flying death traps

Remember Ethiopia’s US made Boeing 737 max.

I do. But overall Russian and Chinese planes have claimed many more lives

No surprise… :D:D:D

It’s being used in Asia and Africa (Angola, Zimbabwe, Congo etc

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Mental slavery is lacking the capacity to be objective. I can praise the One Belt One Road project but criticize the safety of Chinese aircraft. I can also praise American aircraft while criticizing America’s socioeconomic inequalities and racial tensions. Mental slavery is believing (like you) that foreign ideologies/poles are meant to be contraptions to which Africans are bound.

Yeah. In before they crash while taking off/landing, mostly in developing nations.

We saw that the so-called certification just entails authorities ceding their responsibility to manufacturers and looking the other way (for the right price, of course). Once accidents happen, their investigators are first on site claiming “we are the country of manufacture”, kumbe they are laying the ground for an elaborate cover up. Nimeanza ku suspect that many of those boing and airmbus accidents might actually have been caused by design flaws and not “pilot error”.
How does a brand new B737-800 just uncontrollably bank after take off and fail to recover.

It’s like this dude who instead of buying Mabatis from Mabati Rolling Mills, he instead went to a poor imitation Royal Mabati Factory. :D:D

Going by tally …
Since 1954 China has had 907 fatalities,those included hijackings and ground
Yunares steits,your “oh so mighty country” since 1980 (ive given it an unfair marging,they like it like that) has had 2759 fatalities i did not include the one that melted iron beams that killed a total 2996 ground included. Their crashes started in 1919 with 13 deaths
Russia comes close to US with a bad tally starting in 59. Toe to toe,US beats every country with aircrashes… They like to be ahead of everyone

Not really.

They have been flying longer, and do have more flights in the air than anybody at any given time.

Cant trust my life with chinese plane…heri hapa chini…huko juu hapana

There are several YouTube videos that explain the 737 crashes. Also pilots who fly those planes posted anonymously on different forums. There was a design flaw in the software hardware communication. The error happened a few times and 1st world pilots and afew select were trained on corrections.
If ever there’s a plane crash, scene investigators together with the plane engineers are the best resource. Unfortunately only the more advanced countries have scene investigators. Remember the KQ crash, did Kenya or Cameroon have trained experts to get to the root cause? As a
result, all we will ever get is hearsay. Sijui the captain was had headed.
Here one on a 737 error.

Russia has several plane accidents annually that they don’t report. But you can trust whomever you want to trust.

I’m not talking about MCAS, which was a blatant design flaw. I am talking about accidents like the KQ 507 one. It was mentioned that the plane’s autopilot had suffered recurrent breakdowns and that that had never been corrected. Mind you that was a brand new aircraft. The plane also had a tendency to bank in one direction without being commanded to. Then you have a report written which points an accusing finger at pilots without taking into consideration the effects of the airframe’s flaws and instability on their decision making.

You’re so used to mediocrity and corruption in your country that you think it’s practiced everywhere

Written report by who? You see plane crashes have to be investigated by governments. No manufacturer on any product will ever assume liability.

And yet I thought that you had some brains with you. Turns out you argue the same way Inused to argue while in class three. Your answer is write here.