China hakuna mchezo


Kama coronaa iko si wangemkoholea akufe

Just imagine if Ex chifu chustis Maraga had put in place such a system to tame corruption, watu wangekua wametii and 254 wouldn’t be in this financial quagmire

Tru dat

What the hell is bigamy?

Msee alifanya hivyo akijua tu vile Ka-china kunaendaga


It’s like how @Wanaruona is already married to @kanguthu but he desires to add his young kunguru slay queen from Kamae @slevyn Kamande Wangui AKA Kui to be his second wife.

To make matters worse @Wanaruona then proceeds to have bastard children with dearest Kui while still married to @kanguthu and you know how in China population size is a serious issue.

Many men in China die from wanking aggressively due to lack of brides whereas this jogoo here was humping two ladies.

I think they should have castrated this jogoo instead of shooting it in the head as they will but oh well that is Xi Jinping for you.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]If a Chinaman comes to Kenya for example the first thing he look for is pussy because it is a rare and tightly controlled commodity in China.

If he sires 3 babies with two Kenyan women that he likes he knows it’s a death sentence and he will do everything in his power not to go back home. And that is the super power that @MortyTuumbo , @Tom Bayeye and many others here worship.[/SIZE]

you are usually busy ukitukana watu na looking for gay content mpaka hujui kwamba they did away with the one child policy .Takataka nilikwambia hio energy redirect it to useful ventures kama kutafuta pesa

Ghasia Kwani Leo ume overdose your daily dose of semen juu uko na umama mingi. Shoga mnuka tako.

Conman wa interwebs na kwani bigamy ndio kusema nini within the Chinese setting?? :D:D

This year ukiendelea kutumia watu SMS za wizi naona ukishikwa or worse still uchomwe.

Go clean your smelly ass unafanya kijiji inuke uvundo ya used condom.


@Wanaruona you are now a married man. You can’t continue using such uncouth words when you know @kanguthu is expectant. If you talk that way you might injure the baby.

Or even make @kanguthu moody and emotional.

Learn a skill or offer a service that people are willing to pay for .Kwanza kama delivery ni digital utaunda pesa nyingi kama @Sambamba .Endelea kutukana watu na ku browse gay content .Perhaps hizo ndio zitakutoa Peasantville

Wewe tunajua you have never worked from any employer. U sell your wrinkled smelly hairy ass for a living.

You are trying very hard to justify this execution but you know very well it is a political hit. Same for Jack Ma who is very ambitious imebaki ameondolewa pia asikuwe political threat.

Fake news U.S pia wanajaribu to justify the execution because they don’t want China to look bad. Fake news America supports CCP as you can see from that wikipedia page you have posted.

That confession WAS DEFINITELY forced out of this man.

Wewe usipo kazwa mkia hio siku kitunguu kwako hainuki.

Mbona wewe huuza mwili yako na hauna kuma?