China can now control weather.


Saitan Bill Gates wants to block the sun. Will humanity exist by 2050? It’s hard to say

Can they put rain floods in Wajir?

From the first time I heard of this in 2008 it’s been the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. The shortsightedness of white man’s hubris is unfathomable. It’s dangerous idea on the same level as having a nuclear war.

It floods in Wajir regularly.

Hii Cow ni ya wapi?

High IQ societies. Bonobos running on Congo Jungle 1.O firmware can only think of praying to an invisible god.

Can they control the orbit of earth around the sun?

china doesn’t want to be controlled by the western world , don’t you guys get it ? …they know how unforgiving , cold & greedy the jungus are and africa’s situation is proof …china basically doesn’t want to be like africa, hence the war with the west to the top… if you support the west basi ngoja uvutwe kazi next year juu the imf loan has a way of keeping the bonobo broke…mtamea akili soon…

arabs ama ?

No sane high IQ society would leave its fate in the hands of another race or an invisible god who’s been coming back for 2000 years.

Africans are also waiting for Whites to give them favourable trade conditions and tech transfer to alleviate poverty.

The average pro America bonobo here on Kenyatalk doesn’t know that it is in the interest of the West that Africa stays poor just as it is in the interest of the ruling class here to keep the populace impoverished.

acha nitetee watu wetu , apart from poor leadership , the african shouldn’t be blamed sana, they elect leaders and expect their leaders to fight for them but they don’t…

alafu the issue of african destitution and poverty is more complicated thann you put it… you haven’t addressed why the african is soo into foreign gods and how that happened…who taught the african to turn the other cheek , hate himself , hate his identity and pray to god to solve his problems and why was he taught that…You also forgot to show why africa looks up to white people for help …is it the african’s fault or are there other factors at play ?

apart from poor leadership…blame foreign interference for africa’s poor state …from foreign govts , foreign religions to foreign donors , loans and foreign planned coups…why blame the african for these… the kawaida african is just a passenger and all they have to solve their problems is white mzungu jesus born amongst semites or join the negroe-khafiri hating arabian religion

It’s in the interest of all superpower nations, your precious China included, to keep Africa impoverished. We’re a source of cheap labour and raw materials, and a market for the finished product.

The thread was going on well until the usual African-bashing Chinese apologist came and pissed on it.

Nailed it. Some self loathing Africans hapa think that wako better sana kutushinda by saying how small minded and primitive we are. Keeping Africa impoverished is the agenda of all other races. Everything they can ever need and want to survive and prosper is on or beneath African soil.
The ahortaightedness of African leaders have them amassing wealth at the expense of their citizens, and buying citizenship elsewhere. Why on earth for example, would Kagame be waging a war in DRC??? Whyyyyyyy? Not that hajui what Rwanda stands to benefit, but hataki.

Sema tu @Sambamba. According to him, the Chinese can do nothing wrong.


Yanaires steits had the HAARP ,this badboy could bring rain in gobi desert and fcuk up chinese military parade at Tiananmen square by bringing the heat or bladi rain.
Hugo chaves was adamant that this thing caused haiti earthquake ,surprisingly a few minutes after it was kicked up a notch “to analyze the ionosphere” that the tremors started. Tin foil hat moment .
Programme eventualy was shut down in 2015. I bet the power of this thing was incredibe.

we are praying to a white god and the whites are doing a pretty amazing thing.
i would say we are on to somethng

what would you suggest we do?
can we really fight?
these guys are way ahead of us and control everything we have be it technology, culture, education…, can we beat them with their systems?

i actually believe we have or are close to having earthquake causing machines/technology.